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Brendan Kiely, Jason Reynolds

All American Boys

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2015

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Reading Questions & Paired Texts

Reading Check and Short Answer questions on key points are designed for guided reading assignments, in-class review, formative assessment, quizzes, and more.

Chapters 1-4

Reading Check

1. In which extracurricular activity does Rashad participate?

2. What does Rashad do that makes it look like he is stealing?

3. What does the police officer (Paul) do to Rashad?

4. Who sees Rashad and Paul outside the store?

5. What is Quinn worried about regarding college?

Short Answer

Answer each question in at least 1 complete sentence. Incorporate details from the text to support your response.

1. Why does Rashad’s father want Rashad to join the drill team?

2. What is implied about Paul’s beliefs when he calls Rashad a “thug”?

3. Why don’t Spoony and his father get along?

4. Why does Quinn’s mother expect a lot from him?

5. Why is Quinn feeling torn about Paul?

Paired Resource

What Does It Mean to Be American?

  • In this 3-minute video, individuals comment on what “being American” means to them.
  • This video relates to the theme What It Means to Be All-American.
  • If Rashad and Quinn were asked this question, what would their answers be, and how would they differ?

Chapters 5-8

Reading Check

1. What is consistently playing on the news?

2. What causes Rashad’s father to yell at Spoony in the hospital?