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Copper Sun Chapters 31-35 Summary & Analysis

Part Seven:  Amari

Chapter 31 Summary: The Doctor’s Choice 

While in the back of the wagon on their way to be sold, Amari is deeply troubled. “Afi had constantly talked about her bright spirit and her future. But Amari could see nothing but the darkness; she found she did not have Afi’s strength” (201). However, after an hour on the road, Dr. Hoskins pulls the wagon over and stops. Dr. Hoskins tells them he wants to help them in the only way he can: by letting them free and “giving them a fighting chance” (202). Dr. Hoskins apologizes for being unable “to pay the purchase price for the three of ” (203) and so advises them to follow the Ashley River and only to travel at night. He gives them a sack that holds “a small bundle of food, a couple of coins, and a flintlock musket” (204). Polly knows how to shoot, but they only have enough gunpowder for one shot. They thank him and then head into the woods.

Chapter 32 Summary: The Journey Begins 

The three stop to rest in the woods, and for the first time since she moved to Derbyshire Farms, Amari says out loud what her real name is. She also defiantly argues with Polly about heading south for freedom; Polly wants to head north. Amari assumes full responsibility of Tidbit and tells Polly that if she wants to go north alone, she can. “She knew that Polly could make it alone and would certainly find refuge quicker without the presence of two runaway slaves” (208). Surprisingly, Hushpuppy has found them in the woods and lifts Tidbit’s spirits.

As the evening approaches, the three of them stop to rest, and Amari decides that they are too close to the river as they can hear the “laughter of men on boats and slow, sad chants of slaves working in the rice fields nearby” (211). She is convinced of the advice that Cato had given her the night before. 

Chapter 33 Summary: Deep in the Forest 

After walking through the night, the three runaways find a place in a thicket to rest….

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