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Copper Sun

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Copper Sun Chapters 40-42 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 40 Summary: Time to Meet the Future

After resting the night, the three are excited to find Fort Mose. Tidbit asks about his mother again. Amari tells him: “Your mama is glad because she know you be full of joy” (282). She reminds him of the special kente cloth that she gave him to remember her by. He asks her: “Will you be my mama now, Amari?” and, of course, she agrees (283).

“That afternoon they finally saw it—the place they had dreamed of for so long” (284). It is quite small and the houses are small and few. Amari states the obvious: “Freedom not big. Freedom not pretty…But freedom sure do feel good” (284).

Chapter 41 Summary: Fort Mose 

The three of them walk into the town quickly, and a “woman, dressed in a simple green calico dress and a bonnet to match” stands in front of a house and calls to them, waving (285-286). She welcomes them over and feeds them bowls of corn pudding and roasted rabbit. Amari and Polly tell her of their far and difficult journey and want to confirm that they are in Fort Mose. Hardly believing that they’ve finally made it, Amari isn’t sure about what to dream anymore. The woman (named Inez) says: “Dreams disappear when you wake up—ever notice that, chile?” (287) She explains to the newcomers that life is not exactly easy in Fort Mose.Her husband is serving in the Spanish army down in Cuba as part of the deal for living freely in this Spanish territory. When Amari introduces them properly, Tidbit tells everyone his real name is Timothy, and so that’s what they agree to call him. There are only about one hundred people who live in Fort Mose, and “everybody gets along because nobody got much” (289).

Inez wants to introduce them to Captain Menendez. He will find them a place to live and get them registered in St. Augustine. When Amari first sets eyes on him, she is taken back by how much he reminds her of her father. He is kind and gracious but politely reminds them that…

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