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Copper Sun

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Copper Sun Chapters 10-13 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 10 Summary: The Middle Passage

The next evening, the “kindly redheaded sailor was nowhere to be seen.” Amari is taken by another sailor that evening and the next.

When she was with the red-haired sailor, he taught her words. Now, she understands more than she can speak. One day, a terrible storm sweeps giant waves onto the ship, and one of the small children of the captive women is thrown overboard. The woman, once free of her ropes, “leaped gracefully into the sea” (59). The women are taken down below into the lower part of the ship during the storm and the filth is unbearable. Clearly, no one has cleaned that area of the ship, and the men have to stay down there for twenty hours a day. The storm lasts a few days. Of the ninety women left on board, sixteen had died during that storm” (60).

Chapter 11 Summary: Land Ho 

After the storm, the women and men are brought up on the deck, and Amari watches and listens carefully as the crewmen work at the repairs. She understands that they are heading to Carolina and hopes that her destiny will involve being with Afi. The last few days of the journey, the slaves are treated “better.” They are given more food and water, proper medical treatments for their sores, and even visits by a doctor. The women are no longer sexually assaulted by the sailors. Amari notes that “the same sun shines upon land as life is from death” (62).

Chapter 12 Summary: Welcome to Sullivan’s Island 

“Amari had no idea what to imagine, but the land she saw was surprisingly beautiful, with lush green trees growing quite close to a long, sandy beach” (64). Afi advises her to “Find beauty wherever alive” (64). Once they reach land, an “official” man comes aboard the ship and inspects the women carefully. Amari watches as Afi…

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