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Copper Sun

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Copper Sun Chapters 4-6 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 4 Summary: Death March to Cape Coast 

This chapter begins with a run-down of the deaths of the people Amari knows who were “left on the side of the road for the hyenas” (21). Other coffles of slaves join them, and they eventually make it to a city where “white men walking arm in arm with black men, with no chains on either of them” (22). Amari catches a few words that their captors repeat: slave, price, and Cape Coast. The crowd is eventually separated, the men from the women, and shoved into a large, dark building where Amari can smell “sweat and fear…body wastes and hopelessness” (24). Bread is thrown in, but the women fight for every scrap. A larger woman comes over to Amari and offers her a piece. Amari tells her that she feels “like a broken drum—hollow, crushed unable to make a sound” (25). The woman tells her she “must learn to make music once more” (25). This woman, Afi, has been sold once before, and her white man grew tired of her and sold her back. She gives Amari the details of how they will all be sold and sent into the sea. 

Chapter 5 Summary: The Door of No Return 

Afi makes “sure Amari had food each day and protected her from the other women who had grown fierce and violent from their captivity” (28). A group of white men come in to inspect a group of the women, and Amari is selected and sold. After being taken outside, she marvels at the sight of the ocean and the ship, “the death house that tossed on the waves” (32). She is then branded along with all of the others. She sees that Besa eventually joins the circle. “The spirit of the copper sun seemed to bleed for them as it glowed bright red against the deepening blue of the great water” (34).

Chapter 6 Summary: From Sand to Ship

While grouped together and waiting on the beach, Afi tells Amari the harsh truth about their situation, and Amari doesn’t want to go on. However, Afi says,…

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