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Copper Sun Chapters 7-9 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 7 Summary: Ship to Death 

Terrified and panicked, a mother and daughter leap from the lifeboats into the water, rather than be taken aboard the giant ship. They struggle to stay afloat as the chains and shackles are so heavy. Amari watches as they are eaten by sharks.

The women are stuffed into a large hole in the floor of the ship. They are not in the same quarters as the men. “Each row of shelves held men—human beings—chained like animals and stacked like logs for the fire, row after row, shelf after shelf” (43).  The women’s quarters are less packed and have fresher air. Amari is surprised to see some children in the women’s quarters. As night moves in, Afi begins to sing an old Ewe song. “Close to a hundred women softly sang with her. It was the saddest sound Amari had ever heard” (44).

Chapter 8 Summary: Toward the Edge of the World 

The women are unchained and brought up to the deck of the ship, where they are astonished at the sight of nothing but water. The sailors bring out a drum and order the women to dance, but they do not understand. The men watch the women jump around, sometimes touching them, and one man with red hair watches Amari’s face intently. The women are then tied to the edge of the ship, and their children are brought up to join them. Afi predicts that that evening they will be sexually assaulted. When Afi tells Amari this, Amari longs for death, but Afi tells her that she must live, otherwise, these men win.

The captive men are brought up from the hold later and go through the same horrible routine of salt water, eating, and dancing but are then ordered back down below. Some men are brought up dead and tossed unceremoniously overboard.

Chapter 9 Summary: Lessons—Painful and Otherwise

“Like pigs in heat came for the women” (50). The red-haired man that watched Amari earlier, takes her into a separate room and yells at her to scream. She only does so when he raises his arm to hit…

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