Sharon Draper

Copper Sun

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Copper Sun Important Quotes

1. “Amari loved the rusty brown dirt of Ziavi. The path, hard-packed from thousands of bare feet that had trod on it for decades, was flanked on both sides by fat, fruit-laden mango trees, the sweet smell of which always seemed to welcome her home.” (Chapter 1, p.2)

This description of Amari’s village not only establishes the setting, but it demonstrates Amari’s obvious love and appreciation for her home and community, even though the “whites” may think this is a communityof savages living in the jungle. This also sets up Amari for a severely destroyed innocence through Draper’s use of juxtaposition,which shocks the readers with what is about to happen to Amari and her village.

2. “We must welcome our guests, then, Amari. We would never judge people simply by how they looked—that would be uncivilized…Let us prepare for a celebration.” (Chapter 1, p.5)

This inherent irony is a commentary on the inaccurate views that white Americans have of Africans. While white Americans may have believed theirs to be the more “civilized,” developed nation, Amari’s mother is sure to point out that their peaceful, welcoming community is truly more civilized than the slave owners.

3. “The spirit of the copper sun seemed to bleed for them as it glowed bright red against the deepening blue of the great water.” (Chapter 5, p.34)

Amari’s attitude about the copper sun has shifted since it was first described. Before,it was an emblem of home and it brought comfort. Now, given her circumstances on the “ship of death”, the sun is seen to be suffering with her.

4. “I see a power in you.” (Chapter 6, p. 37)

This is one of Afi’s first moments with Amari, and this strength that Afi sees in Amari is the exact strength that allows Amari not only to come out of her terrible ordeals alive, but to come out free. Amari is unwilling to let her spirit die, and Draper suggests that this strength in spirit is what guarantees a person’s triumph no matter the circumstances.

5. “‘They treat us like animals, but tonight we will be forced to be their women.’” (Chapter…

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