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Looking for Alaska

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Looking for Alaska Chapters 31-35 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 31 Summary

The next day is the first Monday of the new semester, and Kevin is sporting patches of blue hair. He knows that the Colonel and his friends are responsible and asks for a truce once again, but the Colonel says that his troubles are not over, referring to the progress report that has been mailed to his parents.

Miles spends the afternoon with Lara, though they barely talk. As they sit in the TV room, Miles locks the door and they laugh at reruns of The Brady Bunch. Then, out of the blue, Lara asks, “Have you ever gotten a blow job?” (126). Miles is taken aback by the bluntness of this question, and he is surprised to hear Lara say such a thing—it is more like something Alaska would say. He admits that he has not but that he would like to, and Lara obliges. However, the experience is awkward and she does not know what to do. Miles therefore suggests that they ask Alaska for advice.

Alaska laughs and performs a demonstration using a tube of toothpaste. Miles and Lara then go to Lara’s room to follow these instructions, which culminates in Miles experiencing his first orgasm with a girl. Both he and Lara are embarrassed afterwards, so Lara suggests doing some homework.

When Miles picks up a biography on Che Guevara, he skips to the last words and reads these aloud to Lara. She asks why he is so interested in last words, and he has never really thought about this before. He replies that they can sometimes be funny but they can also reveal a lot about a person’s life. He asks Lara if this makes sense and when she agrees that it does, they both return to their reading.

Miles does not know how to talk to Lara and is frustrated with trying so he kisses her goodbye then meets up with Alaska and the Colonel. Later, they celebrate the success of the Barn Night pre-prank, spending the evening chatting and drinking in Alaska’s room. Miles spots a vase of white tulips on top of…

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