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Looking for Alaska

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Looking for Alaska Chapters 6-10 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 6 Summary

Keeping up with his classes has proven easier than Miles expected; especially as he spends a lot of time reading. He typically listens in class, but, when Dr. Hyde starts talking about the Buddhist concept of interconnectedness, he finds himself looking out of the window. He is musing on the concept as it applies to the natural landscape, but Dr. Hyde reprimands him for his lapse in attention and tells him to leave the class for the rest of that day. Alaska thinks this is ridiculous, which prompts Dr. Hyde to order her to leave as well.

After they have left, Alaska tells Miles that there was no need for Dr. Hyde to humiliate him like that. Miles feels bad about the incident but admits that he was not paying attention and says that he still sees Dr. Hyde as a genius. Alaska, by contrast, believes that the only real geniuses are artists.

Once class has finished, the Colonel and Takumi join Miles and Alaska and they make their way to a secluded area that they call the Smoking Hole. After passing around some cigarettes, discussion turns to the identity of the person who ratted on Marya, and Alaska says that one of the Weekday Warriors was probably responsible. She also suggests that maybe Marya and Paul were just unlucky and careless, and that is why they got caught. Takumi criticizes Alaska for her seemingly apathetic take on the situation, but she responds that she does not know why Takumi is so obsessed with figuring everything out.

Alaska does not care to pursue this line of conversation any further, and she starts talking about how bad she felt for Miles when Dr. Hyde singled him out in class. She calls him “adorable” and says that it is too bad that she loves her boyfriend. Takumi starts rapping about the situation and Miles is impressed with his skill. After she and the others have applauded Takumi’s efforts, Alaska flicks her finished cigarette into the river and Miles asks her why she smokes so quickly. She smiles and says, “Y’all smoke to…

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