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Looking for Alaska Chapters 11-15 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 11 Summary

Miles and his friends are smoking cigarettes in their usual spot when they are interrupted by the sound of crackling branches: the Eagle has spotted them, and he tells them that he will see them at Jury the next day. After he leaves, Alaska comments that the Eagle loves the students but loves the school more, and he believes that enforcing order is for everyone’s good. Miles is surprised by Alaska’s philosophical reaction to having been caught, but she tells him that, even though battles may sometimes be lost, “mischief always wins the war” (56). 

Chapter 12 Summary

The Jury is a unique feature of Culver Creek and comprises twelve students. The Eagle, meanwhile, acts as Judge and has authority to overturn the Jury’s verdict. As Miles and his friends await their trial, Alaska is nervous: this is the seventh time that she has been caught smoking, and she does not want to upset her father. Miles asks Alaska whether her mother smokes, and she replies, “Not anymore” (57).

Once they are seated in the classroom, the Colonel explains what happened on the day in question and apologizes for their behavior, assuring the Jury that it will not happen again. After further questioning, the Eagle sends them outside while the Jury reaches its verdict. When they return, Alaska and the Colonel are sentenced to ten hours doing dishes in the cafeteria—one more infraction and their families will receive a phone call. As the Eagle did not see Miles or Takumi smoking, they are let off with a warning, but Eagle again warns Miles not to abuse his privileges at the school.

Chapter 13 Summary

Alaska announces to Miles that she has found him a girlfriend: the Romanian girl, Lara, he first met on the way to the study date at McDonalds. Lara thinks he is cute, but Alaska is worried that Miles will be inarticulate and that a date between them would be a disaster. This is why she has set up a “triple-and-a-half” date comprising Miles and Lara, the Colonel and Sara, and Jake and herself, as well as Takumi.

Chapter 14…

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