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Looking for Alaska Chapters 46-50 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 46 Summary

Miles runs into Lara the next Wednesday, and she looks at him angrily. He apologizes, as he knows that she must be suffering and that he has treated her badly. In spite of this, he is preoccupied with Alaska and the need to know the details of her death. Lara cannot help in this respect, and this is all that matters to Miles.

Chapter 47 Summary

It has been well over a month since Alaska’s death, and Miles and his friends have been receiving cigarettes as a form of charity from other students. However, Miles is uneasy about these gifts, as he and the Colonel feel party responsible for Alaska’s death. He therefore feels some relief when this charity runs out and they have to buy cigarettes for themselves.

Miles and Takumi have received disappointing results in their pre-calculus test; possibly because Alaska is no longer around to teach them and neither one has spent much time studying. Miles also remains perturbed by the thought that Alaska no longer exists. Even moments of fun turn to sadness, as they prompt Miles and his friends to realize that she is gone.

Chapter 48 Summary

Miles had not wanted to talk to Lara, but Takumi pulls “the ultimate guilt trip” (191) by asking him how Alaska would have felt about this. Miles points out that Lara could take the initiative, but Takumi jokes that Miles shouldn’t spend his high school years ignoring the girl who first gave him oral sex. This lightens the mood, and Miles agrees to talk to Lara.

When Miles knocks on the door of Lara’s dorm room, she emerges looking annoyed. Miles says that he is sorry for everything, and Lara replies that she had not forced him to be her boyfriend and that he could have just been her friend. Her roommate shouts out, telling her not to forgive him, but Lara hugs him and tells him that he has her forgiveness. Her roommate then emerges and kicks Miles in the crotch, informing him that now she forgives him.

Miles and Lara walk to the lake and talk about Alaska, with…

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