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Looking for Alaska Chapters 26-30 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 26 Summary

It is the first day back at Culver Creek following the holidays, and the Colonel and Alaska are planning a prank; specifically, a “pre-prank” that will lull the Eagle into a false sense of security. Once this pre-prank has been carried out, the administration will think that the junior class has committed its main prank for the year and will no longer be so vigilant.

Alaska says that the group (which includes Takumi and Lara) will spend the upcoming weekend staying at a barn nearby, but she and the Colonel still need to decide on the details of the pre-prank. After the time he shared with her Thanksgiving, Miles is disappointed that Alaska has teamed up with the Colonel rather than him. However, he also berates himself for caring about her.

Chapter 27 Summary

The Colonel will tell Miles little about the pre-prank except that it is titled Barn Night. While waiting for the prank to get started, Miles spends his time studying and finally finishes his religion paper. He has concluded that most Christians and Muslims believe in an afterlife, though there is disagreement within both religions as to how people end up in heaven or hell. Buddhism is more complicated because it does not hinge on the concept of an eternal soul but rather on energy that is reincarnated again and again until reaching enlightenment.

Miles has never liked writing concluding paragraphs and so, instead, he talks about why the question (“what happens after we die?”) is important. He feels that it is because people are seeking security and cannot bear the thought of non-existence. In short, people believe in an afterlife because they cannot bear the alternative.

Chapter 28 Summary

On Friday, the Colonel tells the Eagle that Takumi and Miles will be spending the weekend at home with him. A phone call to his mother corroborates this story, as Dolores trusts her son and has no reservations about covering for him. Alaska joins them at the barn, having told the Colonel that she is spending the weekend with Jake, and Lara arrives shortly afterwards. She had told the Eagle…

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