Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

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Gone Girl Essay Topics

1. Amy Dunne blames the myth of the Cool Girl for many of the problems in her marriage (Part Two, p. 224). Is Amy correct in doing so? Who or what is really to blame in the disintegration of Amy and Nick’s marriage?

2. Why does Nick Dunne stay with Amy at the end of the novel? Explain this choice in terms of his identity and how his character grows, or doesn’t grow, during the novel.

3. What is wrong with Amy Dunne? Why don’t her parents, both psychologists, see her clearly? Explain Amy’s character in terms of her identity, including the dissonance between how she sees herself and how others see her.

4. What does the motif of the Mississippi river symbolize in the novel? Explain the meaning, or multiple meanings, and use at least two different characters’ views of the river to help you explain the river’s significance throughout the…

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