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Gone Girl Part Two: Pages 258 – 318 Summary & Analysis

Amy Elliott Dunne: Seven Days Gone (Pages 258 – 267) Summary

Amy is thrilled to discoverthrough television reports that Noelle has let news of Amy’s pregnancy out. Amy reveals that the pregnancy is fake too. She stole some of Noelle’s urine; Noelle is pregnant with her fourth child. She used Noelle’s urine for the pregnancy test at the doctor’s office.

Amy meets a girl at the pool who she imagines is on the run from an abusive relationship. They start hanging out together. Amy cannot tell if the girl—Greta—recognizes her or not, as they watch Ellen Abbot’s current story about Amy. Amy tells Greta that her name is Nancy; only after this lie does she realize she has introduced herself to Jeffas Lydia.

Nick Dunne: Eight Days Gone (Pages 268 – 278) Summary

Nick, Go, and Tanner search Bill Dunne’s house for Amy’s “treasure,” but do not find it. Tanner wants to get ahead of the story by going to the police with what is in the woodshed, but he hesitates to do so without knowing what Amy has hidden in the house. He tells Nick that they will have to tell the police about Andie, too. Nick is upset because Tanner doesn’t think they have enough evidence to show the police that Amy is framing him.

Later that day, as the media swarm outside his house, the Elliotts arrive. Marybeth and Rand don’t believe in him anymore. Nick is upset that he has lost their support. He decides to call Tommy O’Hara back—Tommy has called the tip line several times. Tommy is the man Amy accused of date rape.

Tommy tells Nick a chilling story. He and Amy met and dated for several months. Soon, Tommy noticed that Amy had changed completely and she didn’t seem to like him anymore. When he made excuses to avoid seeing her, she reverted back to her former happy, fun self. She came over and they watched a movie together and had sex. Everything seemed fine.

The next thing that Tommy knows the police are there: Amy has accused him of raping her. Amy has injuries consistent with forced…

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