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Gone Girl Part Two: Pages 217 – 257 Summary & Analysis

Part Two: Boy Meets Girl

In a twist of the romantic plot genre, Flynn titles these novel parts in reverse order. The traditional romance plot is: boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy gets girl back again. Flynn reverses the first two plot elements here. The first part titled “Boy Loses Girl,” and describes Amy’s disappearance and the search for her. Part Two is titled “Boy Meets Girl” and explores Amy’s real personality. This section concerns Nick’s realization of exactly what Amy has done to him; Nick meets the real Amy for the first time.

In this part, Amy’s narration begins on the day she disappeared and moves forward in time from that point. Her chapters alternate with Nick’s narration, which begins with him entering the shed on Go’s property and continues forward in time from that point.

Amy Elliott Dunne: The Day of (Pages 217 – 225) Summary

Amy reveals that she is alive and that she planned her own disappearance. She tells the story of her birth; she is theElliotts’ sole surviving child after five stillbirths and two miscarriages. She feels special because she was able to make it when all of her sisters didn’t. She describes feeling like a “product” (222) to her parents, however, who gave her all the advantages, except for teaching her how to be happy and connect with people. Amy finds other people baffling.

Next, Amy tells the story of how much Nick loved her, and how she became the “Cool Girl” (222), because that was what he wanted. When she finally revealed who she really was to Nick, he didn’t like her; he wanted the Cool Girl back. That is when the hatred began.

Nick Dunne: Seven Days Gone (Pages 226 – 232) Summary

Nick realizes that the clues are taking him to all the places that he cheated on Amy with Andie in and he realizes that Amy knew about the affair. The shed is filled with all the expensive things that Nick swears he didn’t buy with the credit cards he said he didn’t know about. He shows his sister the stuff in the shed; finally,…

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