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Gone Girl

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Gone Girl Part One: Pages 142 – 171 Summary & Analysis

Nick Dunne: Four Days Gone (Pages 142 – 153) Summary

Nick’s pretty, youthful mistress, Andie, is at Go’s back door. Nick lets her in and they talk. They have been having an affair for over a year: Andie is a twenty-three year old student Nick taught in a journalism class. Nick describes meeting and falling in love with Andie who, unlike his wife, is easy to please and likes anything Nick does. Just like that, he’s no longer in love with his wife.

Andie insists that she needs to hear from Nick every day from now on, or she doesn’t know what she will do. Nick is desperate to keep Andie’s existence from the police and the Elliott’s so he agrees.

They fall asleep together, and Nick wakes up at dawn to hurry Andie out of the house. Go is standing there when Nick shuts the door on Andie. Nick is caught, and this secret is out.

Amy Elliott Dunne: July 21, 2011 (Pages 154 – 157) Summary

Amy accompanies Maureen and her friends to the plasma donation center. They have been giving plasma to earn a little bit of money for years. Amy says she is terrified of blood and faints. The other women, including Mo, take care of her. Nick has disappeared and doesn’t come home until 11 p.m. that night. He lies when Amy asks where he was.

Nick Dunne: Five Days Gone (Pages 158 – 168) Summary

Go confronts Nick about his affair. She never suspected, and their relationship is damaged by her realization that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her about it. She begins to doubt his innocence, since she does know how unhappy he was in his marriage.

Nick dreams of Amy crawling across the kitchen floor toward him with a bloody head.

He returns to his home. Go calls him and tells him he needs to watch the Ellen Abbott Live show. Ellen Abbott is interviewing the flirty volunteer, Shawna Kelly, and his grinning face appears ridiculous pressed up against the woman’s face. Nick’s reputation is destroyed as Ellen Abbott interviews Shawna, and she reveals that Nick was calm…

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