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Gone Girl Part Two: Pages 319 – 366 Summary & Analysis

Amy Elliott Dunne: Nine Days Gone (Page 319) Summary

Amy is on the run without any money and a quarter tank of gas. She sits in her car in a parking lot and figures out what to do next.

Nick Dunne: Ten Days Gone (Pages 320 – 322) Summary

Nick’s team—Go, Tanner Bolt, and Betsy Bolt—spend the day with Nick, helping to prepare him for his Sharon Schieber interview that night. Just as Nick is being introduced to Susan, a producer hurries up and whispers in her ear.

Amy Elliott Dunne: Ten Days Gone (Pages 323 – 331) Summary

Amy calls Desi Collings, who rushes to her aid. They meet at a casino, and Desi promises to protect and help Amy escape from her abusive husband. Amy has long regaled Desi with tales of Nick’s marital rape and physical abuse of her. Amy has also told Desi that her father sexually abused her for years.Desi believes that Amy staged her disappearance in order to escape her abusive marriage.

Desidecides to take Amy to his lake house. No one will bother her there; she can rest and decide what to do next.

As Amy leaves the casino with Desi, she sees Andie giving a press conference. Andie confesses to her affair with Nick and says how sorry she is. Rand and Marybeth Elliott are also at the press conference. Marybeth announces that the Elliotts withdraw their support for Nick.

Nick Dunne: Ten Days Gone (Pages 332 – 338) Summary

Sharon Schieber is furious about the last minute revelation of Nick’s affair, but the interview is still on. Nick pulls off a convincing performance with Sharon’s help. He humbly apologizes for his mistakes, takes full responsibility for the difficulties in his marriage, and begs Amy to come home. He asserts that he didn’t kill her.

Go calls. The police have found the woodshed, and they are also searching Bill Dunne’s old house. Nick and Tanner try to tell the police their side of the story, but no one believes Nick’s claims that the things in the woodshed are not his. The collection includes golf clubs, a huge television, and a lot…

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