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Gone Girl Part Three: Pages 367 – 415 Summary & Analysis

Part Three: Boy Gets Girl Back (or Vice Versa) Summary

The title of Part Three echoes with double meaning: will Nick or Amy take revenge on each other, or will they return to a relationship with each other? Or both? As with the other sections of the novel, chapters narrated by Nick alternate with chapters narrated by Amy.

Nick Dunne: Forty Days Gone (Pages 367 – 373) Summary

It is now mid-August, and Nick has been arrested, charged, and released on bail. As he awaits trial, Tanner and his detectives search for Amy. Nick continues to make internet videos asking Amy to come home.

He hears a ruckus outside amongst the news crews who permanently stake out his front yard. He opens the door to find Amy on the doorstep. She cries out his name and falls into his arms. He hugs her and pretends to be overjoyed for the cameras. She has twine hanging from her wrists and blood all down her front.

He pulls her inside and demands that she tell him her story. She claims Desi Collings kidnapped her. Nick says that she’ll never be able to explain away all of the things that she did. She says she can. Nick asks where Desi is, but before she can respond, the police knock on the front door.

Amy Elliott Dunne: The Night of the Return (Pages 374 – 380) Summary

Amy is taken to the hospital, where Detective Rhonda Boney holds her hand through the rape kit examination. Rhonda asks if Amy is up to some questions. Amy’s parents are waiting at the station to be joyfully reunited with her.

Rhonda Boney questions Amy, who tells how Desi kidnapped and imprisoned her. She accounts for most of the evidence that was found, except for the credit card purchases in the woodshed, and the increased life insurance. She says that the diary was essentially true,the entries were just slightly exaggerated and overly dramatic; no wonder that Nick wanted to burn it. The police are unable to shake her story, even though it is ludicrous.

Nick Dunne: The Night of the Return (Pages 381 – 391) Summary


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