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Gone Girl

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Gone Girl Part One: Pages 103 – 141 Summary & Analysis

Nick Dunne: Three Days Gone (Pages 103 – 117) Summary

Nick arrives at the Find Amy Dunne search center and realizes that Amy probably won’t be found. Nick gets another call on his disposable cell phone, but he cannot take the call in front of the volunteers and Amy’s parents.

He arranges to search the mall with an old high school buddy, two other friends, and Rand Elliott later that night. With hours to spare until that meeting, Nick pursues Amy’s next clue and drives to Hannibal, home of Mark Twain, where he used to work as a Huck Finn impersonator at the tourist attractions.

He finds Amy’s note and the next clue. He reads her sweet words, and he believes that she is using the treasure hunt to try to reconcile with him. He is sad that Amy didn’t try to reconcile with him before it was too late.

Nick picks Rand up on the way to the mall that night. They confront a man inside, who is the unofficial head of “security” in the derelict mall. Lonnie tells them that Amy was there on Valentine’s Day, asking to buy a gun.

Amy Elliott Dunne: October 16, 2010 (Pages 118 – 123) Summary

Amy reports on her first month in Missouri: she mocks the housewarming party, complete with hors d’oeuvres such as pickle spears wrapped in ham, which is thrown in her honor and mentions her attempts to make friends with Maureen’s friends, as well as her attempts to throw herself into the role of a Midwestern housewife, by selling raffle tickets and volunteering. She gives Nick and Go the last of her money to buy The Bar. She describes Nick as grudging and surly toward her.

When Bill Dunne—addled with Alzheimer’s—makes a fuss at the housewarming, yelling at her that she doesn’t belong there, she leaves. She expects Nick to come after her, but he doesn’t.

Nick Dunne: Four Days Gone (Pages 124 – 138) Summary

Rand Elliott and Nick discuss who Amy might have been so afraid of that she wanted a gun. Her old stalkers come to mind: Hilary Handy and Desi Collings. In…

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