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Gone Girl Part One: Pages 3 – 41 Summary & Analysis

Part One: Boy Loses Girl

Each part in this novel contains multiple chapters with alternating narrators: Nick Dunne narrates current events; then Amy Elliott Dunne speaks in Part One through her diary, narrating past events, including her meeting and marrying Nick Dunne.

Nick’s chapters are in the past tense, told by him in the first person.Amy’s chapters are in the present tense, and written in first person in her diary. Her diary begins in 2005 when she meets Nick.

Nick Dunne: The Day of (Pages 3 – 9) Summary

Nick Dunne reminisces about his wife Amy and their marriage, narrating events after they have occurred. He wakes up at 6 a.m. on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary. He hears his wife making breakfast downstairs. He reports that he has made a decision and implies that his wife won’t like it. He is nervous as he stands in the doorway watching her. He remarks that Amy is often angry with him, and she resents having had to move to his hometown after both of them lost their jobs and his mother fell ill with cancer. They met and married while living in Amy’s hometown, New York City.

Nick arrives very late at work. He and his twin sister, Go, own a bar, cleverly called The Bar. They borrowed the money to buy the bar—$80,000—from Amy. Nick is filled with dread and guilt.

Amy Elliott: January 8, 2005 (Pages 10 – 14) Summary

Each of Amy’s chapters in Part One is an entry in her diary. Amy cheerfully reports meeting Nick at a party. They hit it off immediately. They are both writers: both are intelligent and witty. Nick is extremely handsome and charming. They leave the party together and Nick kisses Amy as he walks her home.

Nick Dunne: The Day of (Pages 15 – 24) Summary

Nick walks into The Bar. Go is working, washing glasses. Nick shares that he is having trouble with Amy and that today is their fifth wedding anniversary. He has not bought her a gift yet. He dreads the anniversary treasure hunt that Amy cooks up every year, in which she…

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