Divergent Chapters 11-15 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Chapters 11-15 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 11 Summary

That night, Tris dreams that she is being interrogated by Peter, who accuses her of being Divergent. The next day, Tris looks in the mirror and finds her bruised and battered appearance jarring. As Christina helps her tie her shoes, she reflects that maybe there is an element of Abnegation in everyone (except for Peter). They make their way to the train and hoist themselves aboard, with Tris managing in spite of the pain. Peter starts teasing her, prompting Molly and Drew to laugh and Will and Christina to retort. However, everyone becomes quiet when Four orders them to stop bickering.

As they look out at the landscape beyond the train’s doorway, Will remembers when Dauntless police used to patrol the factionless sector. Tris recalls that her own father had voted to get the Dauntless out of the area, his argument being that the factionless need help rather than policing. She does not like to mention this, however, as the Erudites are liable to use it as evidence of Abnegation’s incompetence.

After departing the train, Four leads the initiates to a gate and tells them that this is probably where they will end up if they do not rank in the top five after initiation. Namely, they will become fence guards. Peter dares to ask Four what rank he had been, and Four replies that he was ranked first. Peter is shocked that Four had not gone on to a government job, but Four says that he did not want one. Tris cannot imagine Four surrounded by computers; he seems to belong in the training room.

Students had learned about faction jobs in school, with the Dauntless having limited options: they could guard the fence or work for the city’s security; alternatively, they could find employment inside the compound or work for the Dauntless leaders. Tris feels that the last option is the best for her, but she is aware that her rank is terrible. She may even become factionless by the end of stage one.

A truck stops at the gate and Tris sees Robert seated in the back among…

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