Divergent Chapters 31-35 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Chapters 31-35 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 31 Summary

After Tris has completed her fear landscape, Eric injects her with another serum that he says will track her should she go missing, explaining that all members of Dauntless have received this injection as a precaution.

Tobias then remarks that Tris only has seven fears and will most likely be ranked first. Tris asks Tobias how much the leaders told him about her fear landscape, and he says that it was barely anything. He then asks if she has to go back to the dormitory, telling her that she can stay with him in his room until the banquet. She goes with him but flinches when he embraces her. When he demands to know what is wrong, she says that she sometimes wonders why he chose her. She suggests that maybe he is only interested in sex, but he says that if that was the case then he would probably not have chosen her first. Though Tris knows she is not the prettiest girl in Dauntless, she feels like she has been punched in the gut and says she is going to leave. However, Tobias apologizes and says that he had not meant it in that way.

Tris admits that Tobias was an obstacle in her fear landscape and that she is afraid of intimacy due to her lack of experience. To Tris’s surprise, though, Tobias admits that he is similarly inexperienced. They start kissing again, and Tris feels as though electricity is coursing through her veins. Tobias notices her tattoo of the Abnegation symbol and reveals that he has the same tattoo on his back. Not only this, he has tattoos of all the factions. He says that he does not agree with one faction putting down the virtues of the others: he explains, “‘I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart,and kind, and honest’” (405). Brushing the Abnegation symbol, Tris states that they must warn them soon.

When Tobias asks Tris if she is scared, she says that she is scared of what she wants—him. He holds her hands against his torso and, when she rests her…

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