Divergent Chapters 36-39 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Chapters 36-39 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 36 Summary

Three Dauntless soldiers pursue Tris, and she fires at them in anger. Tris points her gun at the final soldier only to find that it is Will. She shoots him before he can shoot her, but she is horrified at having killed her former friend.

Tris manages to make it to the place where her father and brother are hiding. Tris hugs Caleb but asks him why he is there. He replies that he followed up their mother’s message and had started investigating what was really going on with Erudite and Dauntless. As a result, he dropped out of Erudite, but it was too late to warn Tris.

Tris’s father removes the bullet from her shoulder and Tris experiences considerable pain. However, it is nothing compared to the other pain that she has suffered that day. When her father asks where her mother is, Tris tells him what happened but cannot speak about it any further as she knows that she will break down. She reflects that, unlike Al’s suicide, her mother’s death was an act of bravery.

Marcus is among the other Abnegation members in the hideout, and he asks Tris if she knows anything about the Dauntless strategy. She replies that there is no strategy, as the soldiers are controlled by Erudite. It suddenly occurs to Tris that they need to wake the Dauntless up; especially as they will probably revolt when they see what has been done to them. Caleb points out that they do not know where they are being controlled from, but Tris remembers Jeanine’s order that Tobias be taken to the control room. She concludes that this is the place from which the soldiers are being programmed. Inuttering the word “they,” Tris is conscious that she is neither Dauntless nor Abnegation. She is Divergent.

As they need to decide who will embark on this mission, her father asks what kind of help Tris will need. She replies that anyone who takes part will need to be unafraid of heights and willing to fire a gun.

Chapter 37 Summary

Tris’s father, Caleb, and Marcus have volunteered to accompany…

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