Divergent Chapters 6-10 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Chapters 6-10 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 6 Summary

Beatrice leaves the Hub with the other Dauntless, all of whom are taller than her. When she looks at her parents one last time she sees a look of accusation in her father’s eyes, though her mother is smiling. As she sees her brother shaking hands with a fellow Erudite, she thinks that, if the process is so easy for him, maybe it should be easy for her, too. She had struggled with her decision so much that she had not thought about what would await her if she chose Dauntless.

Unlike those in Abnegation, the Dauntless bound down the stairs and emit whoops and shouts. Beatrice is not used to running, as Abnegation discourages anything done for one’s own enjoyment. Amid the chaos, they manage to board the train that passes by the school each day—anyone left behind has failed the Dauntless initiation test and become factionless. A girl introduces herself as Christina, and Beatrice advises her to sit and lean against the wall to avoid falling from the train now that it is picking up speed. Beatrice then speculates that they are going to Dauntless headquarters.

Upon catching a glimpse of her family home from the window, Beatrice wonders what her parents will discover when they clear out Caleb’s room. Did they know that he would choose Erudite? If so, how had she not known? She answers her own question, concluding that Caleb was a much better actor than she was. At least her parents had always known that she was not selfless. When she pictures her mother and father at the dinner table, she wonders if it is selflessness that causes her throat to tighten. Or is it selfishness, as she knows that she will never be their daughter again?

When the train slows down, people start jumping off onto a rooftop. Several new members of the faction are reluctant, with one claiming that he would rather be factionless than dead. Beatrice, however, feels that she would rather be dead than empty. She and Christina hold hands and make the jump together, landing on the rooftop. Christina…

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