Divergent Chapters 21-25 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Chapters 21-25 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 21 Summary

Since Tris’s visit to Tori, Erudite has released two further articles criticizing Abnegation and stirring up revolution. Tris has also faced several more fears in the simulations, though they have not caused her the same level of distress as they have the other initiates. She wonders if this is a result of being Divergent or if it is something else. In addition, she continues to wonder if Four is Divergent. She finds herself distracted by him and wishes that she could focus on initiation.

The next time she enters the dormitory, rankings have been posted for stage two. Tris is now ranked first and Peter is second by a considerable margin. Peter reacts by pushing her against the wall and snarling at her. Will tells him to back off but Peter maintains that Tris knows how to manipulate people and is out to ruin the other initiates. After Peter storms out, Will asks Tris if what he said is true, and Tris tells him that it is not. Unlike Christina, though, he does not seem fully convinced.

When Christina and Will have left, Tris notices that Al looks unwell. She tries to reassure him that he can improve his ranking, but she does not have any advice to give him. He says that initiation is easy for her and that her pretending otherwise is no help to him. Tris wants to help him but does not know if she or anyone else can. Reluctantly, she leaves him alone.

When Uriah and some of the other initiates find Tris, they invite her to the target practice room where they plan to shoot a muffin from Marlene’s head. As Marlene heads to the target, Tris asks whether they are really going to shoot at her, but they point out that the gun only contains plastic pellets. Uriah then successfully shoots the muffin, and Marlene does not flinch. Meanwhile, Tris talks with Lynn, who remarks on the contrast between Four and Eric. Tris knows that Four is not happy with Eric’s vision for Dauntless, but she wishes that she knew his own vision…

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