Divergent Important Quotes

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Important Quotes

1. “This sort of thing has been happening to others in my faction for months now—the Erudite have been releasing antagonistic reports about Abnegation, and it has begun to affect the way we relate at school. The gray clothes, the plain hairstyle, and the unassuming demeanor of my faction are supposed to make it easier for me to forget myself, and easier for everyone else to forget me too. But now they make me a target” (Chapter 1, p. 6).

Early on in the story, we see that all is not well among the factions. They may have been set up in order to ensure the smooth running of the city, but Erudite has already begun releasing reports intended to paint Abnegation in a negative light. This extends to school life, with the drab clothing of Abnegation having been intended to help its members fade into the background. Now, though, it singles them out as targets.

2. “Faction customs dictate even idle behavior and supersede individual preference. I doubt all the Erudite want to study all the time, or that every Candor enjoys a lively debate, but they can’t defy the norms of their factions any more than I can” (Chapter 2, p. 9).

This quote highlights a contrast between the ideal and the reality of faction life. Faction customs are not limited to public behavior—they are supposed to inform every aspect of life and override individual preferences. In every faction, it is likely that there are those who do not want to conform to these demands all the time. Even so, no one is permitted to defy the norms of their factions.

3. “‘Wait,’ I interrupt her. ‘So you have no idea what my aptitude is?’

‘Yes and no. My conclusion,’ she explains, ‘is that you display equal aptitude for Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. People who get this kind of result are…’ She looks over her shoulder like she expects someone to appear behind her. ‘…are called…Divergent.’ She says the last word so quietly that I almost don’t hear it, and her tense, worried look returns” (Chapter 3, p. 22).

This is the…

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