Divergent Chapters 26-30 Summary & Analysis

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Chapters 26-30 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 26 Summary

Trying to remain logical while Tobias holds her hand and leads her to the chasm, Tris mentions his four fears and he says that he has not made any progress. Tris asks about his aptitude test, and he reveals that the result was Abnegation. Tris is deflated, but she remembers that her own result was faked to conceal the fact that she was Divergent and wonders if Tobias could be lying. When she asks why he chose Dauntless, his reaction tells her that it was to get away from his father. Tobias reveals that he does not feel that he belongs in Dauntless, but Tris points out that having only four fears is impressive by Dauntless standards. Tobias, however, does not seem to care.

Tobias believes that bravery and selflessness are similar and that he could have belonged in Abnegation. This makes Tris aware that her first instinct is still self-preservation, but Tobias points out some of the selfless acts that she has demonstrated during her time at Dauntless, which include protecting Tobias against the simulation of his father. Tris remarks that he has been watching her closely, and he says that he likes to observe people. When she says that he is a bad liar, his manner becomes bold and he admits that he watched Tris because he liked her. She says that she does not understand why he should feel this way given that she is not pretty, but he says that he likes how she looks, as well as her personality.

When Tobias first kisses Tris, she feels unsure of herself, but he kisses her more firmly as the water roars around them. Tris subsequently realizes that, had they chosen their factions differently, they “might have ended up doing the same thing, in a safer place, in gray clothes instead of black ones” (338). 

Chapter 27 Summary

Tris wakes in a happy mood the next day, though her heart pounds at the knowledge that she will see Tobias sometime within the next half hour. She feels dejected when Tobias sits next to Zeke and wonders if he regrets…

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