Divergent Essay Topics

Veronica Roth


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Divergent Essay Topics

1. Of the five factions that are available in this novel, which would you choose and why?

2. The factions cover five key qualities, with Abnegation being selfless, Dauntless being brave, Candor being honest, Amity being kind, and Erudite being intellectual. Do you think these categories are sufficient or are there any other potential factions that you can think of?

3. Do you agree with the concept of splitting society into factions in this way? Do you think it is beneficial or is anything lost in this process?

4. What does it mean to be factionless in the world depicted in this novel? And why is everyone so keen to avoid this fate?

5. Tris’s learning curve involves recognizing that selflessness can be the same as bravery. What key events or moments prompt this realization?

6. Why does Tris choose to join Dauntless rather than stay with her family in Abnegation? What aspects of…

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