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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 13-17

Chapter 13 Summary

Lara Jean is sad to discover that her feelings for Josh have not subsided, even though she has tried to suppress them over the years. Lara Jean can’t help her feelings and needs an outlet for them. She decides to write a letter addressed to Josh that she’ll keep safe in her diary. She doesn’t put it away yet because she senses she’ll need to write more.

Chapter 14 Summary

Kitty is still not speaking to Lara Jean, as she’s angry about Lara Jean nearly revealed Kitty’s crush to Josh. Josh texts Lara Jean to go out bike riding, but Lara Jean tries to avoid it by telling him she needs to help her father with chores. Lara Jean likes Josh’s new dependency on her. Yet, Lara Jean knows she must tread this new dynamic carefully because Josh is off limits.

Chapter 15 Summary

The first day of school arrives, and one of Lara Jean’s new responsibilities with Margot gone is to get the family ready. She makes Kitty a nice pancake breakfast and a lunch of her favorite things, but Kitty still rejects her. Lara Jean is excited school and doesn’t want Kitty’s anger to shadow the excitement of new beginnings. Lara Jean meets up with Josh, who drives her to school.