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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 69-72

Chapter 69 Summary

Lara Jean recalls what her relationship was like with Margot before their mother died. They used to fight all the time, but “After Mommy died, we all had to realign ourselves. Everybody had new roles. Margot and I were no longer locked in battle, because we both understood that Kitty was ours to take care of now” (341). Now that Margot and Lara Jean are in conflict again, the entire family dynamic changes. Margot completely ignores Lara Jean, frightening both their father and Kitty. Lara Jean believes that sisters are supposed to always make up, but she worries that with this fight, they won’t.

Chapter 70 Summary

Lara Jean’s father approaches her privately to talk about sex. He tells her that Margot told him about Peter, and as a gynecologist and father, he wants to make sure Lara Jean is being safe, even though he thinks she’s too young to be having sex. Lara Jean is humiliated all over again; that her father would think that of her and that her sister would tell him about the rumor. She assures her father that it’s just a rumor, and he accepts her story.

Margot says she doesn’t even recognize Lara Jean anymore, to which Lara Jean retorts that she definitely doesn’t if she thinks Lara Jean is the kind of girl who has sex in hot tubs in public on a school trip.