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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 18-21

Chapter 18 Summary

Lara Jean remembers her father had been on a cleaning spree, so he may have seen the hatbox of letters. He doesn’t remember seeing it but admits that it’s possible he donated it to the Goodwill. Lara Jean is in distress but can’t fully say why. Josh knocks on the door, and Lara Jean hides, horrified by the thought that Josh could have received his letter, too.

Chapter 19 Summary

Lara Jean’s father promises to stop by the Goodwill to see if the hatbox is there. Lara Jean tries to feel optimistic that none of the other letters were mailed out. Lara Jean leaves early to catch the bus to school rather than ride with Josh, whom she is still avoiding. Before she leaves, Kitty asks her if she’ll stay angry with their father if the hatbox is permanently gone, then answers her own question: Lara Jean doesn’t ever stay angry for long.

Chapter 20 Summary

Lara Jean is at her locker when Josh finally catches up to her and sure enough, he has her letter. Lara Jean tries to shrug it off, tells him it’s from a long time ago when she had a crush on him, but still begs him not to tell Margot.