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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 46-49

Chapter 46 Summary

Lara Jean tells Peter she won’t need him to drive her to and from school anymore because Margot’s car is fixed. Peter offers to drive anyway since she doesn’t like to, but she tells him that she needs to practice. For Lara Jean, practicing driving is in emulation of Margot.

Chapter 47 Summary

The Covey family sit down to a Sunday virtual dinner with Margot. Kitty tells Margot that Peter taught her about juicing greens. Lara Jean still hasn’t told Margot about Peter, but Kitty reveals it. Margot expresses surprise that Lara Jean would be into Peter, saying that Josh once caught him cheating in school and that all the lacrosse boys are douchey. Margot continues to disparage Peter, and Lara Jean gets angry, though she doesn’t reveal it. Lara Jean is mad that Margot would be so judgmental of Peter when she isn’t even around to get to know him. Kitty says she likes him, and Margot is even more surprised that he’s been in the house hanging out with Kitty.

Chapter 48 Summary

Josh asks Lara Jean to go their favorite diner like old times. While they eat their food, she asks Josh if he’s spoken with Margot. He says they’ve chatted a little online, and he suspects Margot’s homesick.