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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 22-25

Chapter 22 Summary

Lara Jean tries to keep herself busy cleaning the house while she thinks of a solution to her problem. She considers painting her room as a way of changing things productively, but she stops herself and thinks she should wait for Margot’s opinion on the matter. Kitty comes back from the birthday party sleepover, and Lara Jean asks her how much she misses Margot. Then, the mail comes with a surprise for Lara Jean: her first love letter to Kenny from camp is mailed back to her through “return to sender”. Relieved, Lara Jean is also pleasantly happy to revisit the kinds of feelings she could have at such a young age.

Chapter 23 Summary

Lara Jean’s father attempts to cook Korean food, one of his ways of trying to keep the girls close in spirit to their mother. His dinner is terrible, and the girls pretend it’s delicious. They love and appreciate how hard their Dad tries to keep them connected to that side of their family and culture, even when he can’t get it quite right. They even eat the Korean meals in the dining room, a more formal and special way of having their dinner. Her father tells her to invite Josh over, so Lara Jean tries to remind her family that Margot’s breakup with Josh means that things will change between the family and Josh.