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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 41-45

Chapter 41 Summary

Peter asks Lara Jean for help studying, but he doesn’t show up at her house when he says he will. Much later, he texts her saying that something came up. Lara Jean can sense that the something is Genevieve. Lara Jean is taken aback and even though they’re in a fake relationship, her feelings are hurt. It is rude to leave people waiting and to cancel on them at the last moment, she thinks. Furthermore, if Peter is with Genevieve, it calls their whole fake relationship into question. If Peter continues to go back to Gen, and Josh and Lara Jean go back to normal, there’s no point in continuing the façade of their relationship. The next morning, Lara Jean gets a ride with Josh without telling Peter, and Peter ends up late to school. He admits that he was with Genevieve, that she needed him, and he couldn’t not be there for her.

Chapter 42 Summary

Josh’s parents have a history of fighting with one another. Sometimes the fights are small, but other times, the arguments escalate. Lara Jean knows when they’re fighting and often Josh would come stay the night at the Covey house. When Lara Jean hears his parents fighting, she turns the light on in the dining hall, the sign that Josh can come over.