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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 59-63

Chapter 59 Summary

It’s finally time for Margot to come back home for the Christmas holiday. The Covey family goes to pick her up at the airport, and the Song sisters are proud to show her their baked cookies and decorated Christmas tree when they all get back to the house. Margot is put off that they did all these traditions without her, making Lara Jean feel defensive. Lara Jean realizes how hard it is to try to reconnect with someone when they’ve been gone for a long time. Lara Jean wonders if Margot even realizes the distance and the difference in their relationship. Later, Kitty tells Lara Jean she has to get a Christmas present for Peter because he’s her boyfriend, and Margot takes another jab at how incredulous she is that Lara Jean could like him. Lara Jean tells Margot simply but punctiliously that Margot doesn’t need to like him. Margot looks over at Josh’s house and tells Lara Jean that she is going to see Josh and hopes that he understands the breakup is permanent. Lara Jean tells her that Josh doesn’t pine for her, surprising Margot with her new, blunt manner.