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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 50-53

Chapter 50 Summary

Lara Jean prepares for the upcoming ski trip. Chris tells Lara Jean that the skiing trip is famous for being a time and place where the teenagers sneak out of their rooms and go a little wild. Chris says that she had sex the time she went, but Lara Jean is not concerned that Peter will expect that from her. She knows that he is not into her, but she is worried that she’ll have to pretend to sneak off with him in order to save the reputation of their fake relationship. Lara Jean doesn’t want to get into trouble with the school, and she doesn’t want to portray herself as doing things that she would never actually do. She begs Chris to come along to help her through it, and despite her desire to never do anything school-related, Chris agrees.

Chapter 51 Summary

It is Thanksgiving Day, and Lara Jean is stressed about her cooking. She has overcooked the turkey and forgot the mashed potatoes. Their Korean grandmother comes over, and she asks their father if he’s been seeing anyone. Lara Jean and Margot have thought about their father dating before. They’ve agreed that if he does date, they’d like the woman to be funny and kind.