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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 54-58

Chapter 54 Summary

Lucas waits for Lara Jean at her locker to tell her that Genevieve broke up with her boyfriend over the weekend, and he saw Peter leaving her house the night before. Lara Jean is not all that shocked because she’s been waiting for this moment. Lucas warns her that this means Genevieve will try to get Peter back, and Lara Jean shouldn’t let that happen. In class, Lara Jean passes a note to Peter that tells him about Josh’s kiss. Peter seems angry and wants to say something to Josh about kissing his girlfriend. Lara Jean makes him promise not to, but she feels some validation from Peter’s jealousy.

Chapter 55 Summary

Josh is waiting for Lara Jean outside her house when she gets home. He wants to talk about the kiss and tells her he should be the one to tell Margot since the kiss was his fault. Lara Jean makes him promise not to tell Margot, but Josh is clearly feeling guilty and confused. He admits to Lara Jean that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since he first read the letter. He tells her about a moment a couple of years ago, before he got together with Margot, when he was walking with Lara Jean, and he had this overwhelming desire to find out what it would feel like to kiss her.