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Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Fiction | Novel | YA

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Chapters 64-68

Chapter 64 Summary

The next morning, Lara Jean sits with Peter and his friends on the bus. She hasn’t had a chance to tell Chris about the hot tub, but Chris is also busy with a boy. At the rest stop, Lara Jean goes into the bathroom and runs into Genevieve. Genevieve chillingly tells her that the reason she stopped being friends with Lara Jean in middle school is because Lara Jean kissed Peter even though she knew Genevieve liked him. Gen says she has always known that Lara Jean was putting on a nice-girl act, and that the difference between her and Chris is that Chris owns up to her behavior. Genevieve tells her that everyone is talking about how Lara Jean and Peter had sex in the hot tub the night before. Lara Jean can sense tears coming while she denies it, but Gen tells her it’s Peter who has been telling everyone. Gen goes on to tell Lara Jean that the only reason Peter dated her was to make Gen jealous. Now that Gen has broken up with her other boyfriend, she leaves the possibility open for her and Peter to get back together. Humiliated, Lara Jean runs back to the bus in tears.